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The mission of is to be a global leader in providing healthcare technology-enabled business Solutions and services. With the broadest range of capabilities, offers clients the solutions they need to manage complexity, focus on core businesses, collaborate with partners and clients, and improve makes a special point of understanding its clients and provides experts with real world experience to work with them. is vendor-independent, delivering solutions that best meet each client's unique requirements. For 10 years, clients in industries have trusted on us with their business process and information systems outsourcing, systems integration and consulting needs.

Web site development,SEO, SEM,Internet Marketing
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One of our major initiatives for our healthcare clients is to assist them in Achieving meaningful use of their PHR as quickly as possible. Our Clinical ExcellencMethodology incorporates the requirements for meaningful use into each project activity to address the five dimensions of meaningful use:

• Right Product: A certified vendor that provides a full suite of capabilities needed to achieve    meaningful use
• Right Standards: We assist our clients to implement the PHR so that it Employs the latest standards and activates all of the key functions needed for interoperability
• Right Use of PHR: Processes are designed so that our staff members make optimal use of PHR capabilities in their daily work
• Right Quality Management: We assist our clients’ IT staff to facilitate Proactive performance management, enabling our clients to deliver quality Care and to demonstrate high performance
• Right Protection: Policies and procedures are implemented so that patients are assured that their privacy is protected and their personal health Information is kept confidential we provide skilled consultants who have been trained and certified in deploying Our Clinical Excellence Methodology in their respective PHR vendor solutions.
Medicohelpline.coms Clinical Excellence Methodology Our methodology utilizes a proof of concept that leverages your requirements and incorporates real-time workflow mapping. This eliminates the lengthy process of repeated assessments and process mapping, and reduces the amount of time required from your staff. We have taken our experience in assisting some of the nations’ largest healthcare organizations and have refined the tools needed for all major.